Thanh Berthou

Thanh Berthou

Food photography in Zurich, Switzerland.
I was born and raised in Australia, and moved to Switzerland 10 years ago where I worked as a lawyer in the financial services industry. Currently, I am pursuing my love of food and photography as an alternative career in order to spend more time with my two children while they are little.

I run a popular food blog at Eat, Little Bird, a hobby which has enabled me to acquire and develop skills in the area of food photography, food styling, food preparation and recipe development, as well an in-depth knowledge of social media marketing, SEO and WordPress development (including CSS and HTML coding).

Atelier ELB is an extension of my blog where I hope to share my expertise and push my creative boundaries.

If you wish to have a chat about my services, please contact me here.

Current work:  See my work at Eat, Little BirdKhoollect and my latest contributions to Discovery, the in-flight magazine for Cathay Pacific.